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SRBC's Second Annual Zion Ministry Fundraiser

October 11, 2019

On Saturday, October 19th, Sandy Ridge Baptist Church in Hickory, North Carolina is having their Second Annual Zion Ministry Fundraiser! Last year, they had a yard sale in the church parking lot and raised enough to sponsor one widow AND two children for an entire year! Please pray with us that this year’s event would be a success!

Christmas Campaign 2019!

August 01, 2019

We're aiming high again this year--100 kids and 300 widows across seven villages! Doing the math, that's $6000 USD total we are seeking to provide for each of the kids and the ladies.The cost to provide one new outfit and a special Christmas meal for each child is $30. The cost to provide one new outfit for each widow is $10.The Christmas campaigns are the only way that most of these women and children have a fresh set of clothes at all throughout the year. ​A tremendous THANK YOU to all who donated, prayed, and shared last holiday season. We were able to team up with pastors in the area and distribute clothes to hundreds of children and widows in need. And many of them were able to enjoy a hearty Christmas meal and message. Let's share the love of the Father with them again this year!​

Seeing Zion Ministry First-Hand

June 21, 2019

One of Zion's US supporters was able to visit the ministry and pray with many of the women and children in need. It was surreal to be able to meet these people face-to-face and to see how they live. The local pastors truly have a heart for God and for the villagers in need. If you would like to learn more about this visit, please message us with questions.  

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"Joselyn" has support!

"Joselyn" has been in need of support for some time now. Praise be to God that she now has a sponsor! Thank you for sharing the love of Christ with this precious girl.

Zion Prayer Team

Zion now has an official prayer team! Prayer is a vital part of any ministry. If you would like to join us in carrying out this crucial service for God's kingdom, feel free to message us by clicking here.

High-Risk Pregnancy Hospitalization

A Christian couple in South Asia is hoping for assistance in the birth of their new child. The mother was diagnosed with Preclampsia and Gestational diabetes early on in the pregnancy. This means it is a high-risk pregnancy, and because the village hospitals in their area do not have a NICU, they have had to travel to the nearest city that does have a NICU. Doctors have induced her labor and delivered via C-Section, and by God's grace, Baby Samuel and mother are doing well. Now that the baby is born, they will be in NICU for several weeks. Doctors say they will need at least $4000 USD for the entire process. UPDATE: Thanks to your help, mother and baby are doing just fine!!

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