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It's more than just money for food or education.


It's giving them a reason to thank God.


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Pick who to support.


Choose how much to give. 


Be a blessing.

"We are grateful for the opportunity to sponsor a child through Zion Ministry. It is a blessing to partner with this brother as he shares the good news of Jesus with these  children, while also meeting their physical, emotional, and educational needs."

--The Thurmans, USA

"We are simply happy in sharing the blessings God has shared with us. Glory to God."

--Jared and Morgan Payne, USA

"What we’re having for supper is the most difficult decision we make at our house most days. One of our biggest challenges is pushing back from the table. When we’re sick, we see the doctor. The food, things, and opportunities that we casually toss aside would mean a life of luxury to the children and widows Zion Ministry cares for. Feeding, housing, clothing, and educating a child in India costs less per month than we spend eating out most weekends. The cost of hope is small; the impact cannot be measured."

--Roy and Rachel Jeffords, USA

"We are happy to be able to sponsor a child through Zion Ministry because we know they will be given the love and message of Jesus."

--The Hollifields, USA

"Jesus cleverly gave no bounds to loving 'your neighbor as yourself'--Who is our neighbor? Everyone. How much should we love them? Endlessly. To love God with the entirety of our being is to love neighbor equally much--on these great commandments Jesus hung everything. On these great commandments Jesus hung. It's an honor and a privilege to be a part of this ministry that loves people as much as it loves God."

--Zack and Khari McElrath, USA

"Peace is a fundamental human right of every child, and each time I help Zion Ministry, I help a child be free and be loved. Helping a child in need brings me closer to God because God is love."

--Mariangela Itala, Brazil

"What a great privilege to use the Lord's abundant blessings to help a child in need."

--Wade Sayles, USA