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Zion Ministry began with a tragedy.

On August 9, 2011, in a remote village in South Asia, a father of two young boys died suddenly due to dengue fever. 


The Lord directed his brother, a minister, to seek support from a friend in the United States. That friend agreed to help him support the two kids. Shortly thereafter, a few other children became orphans in his village, so he once again asked God to open doors through his friends. God has being doing so ever since.

The Lord continues to strengthen and bless this ministry, over and against anti-Christian authorities that seek to stamp out the gospel. It is for this reason Zion retains anonymity of the pastors, children, and widows in this undisclosed location. But be assured sharing the good news of Christ Jesus--both verbally and through acts of love--is priority. 

Zion Ministry may have started with a tragedy, but the ministry it birthed is a triumph. It now has in its care 101 children, of which 57 still need sponsors.

How would God have you join in His work?

It is a pleasure to introduce Charles (CJ) Rich as a member of Hope for the Hungry's Cooperative Ministry family. He is presently the Founder/Executive Director of Hands Held High.

CJ began his ministry at Hope as the Director of International Development in August 2002. He served faithfully in this role, and later as the Assistant to the President and Director of Equipping Ministries for nine years. CJ's responsibilities have included communicating the goals and standards of the ministry and ensuring the execution of the ministries activities. He has also greatly enhanced the financial base of the ministry as well as the public awareness of Christian schools and orphanages throughout the world. CJ has recently ministered in numerous places throughout Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.

CJ Rich

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Dean is a self-professed "country boy," born and raised in Western North Carolina. He has a degree in Religious Studies from Fruitland Baptist Bible College and graduated in 1988 with a B. A. in English from The Citadel. He became a soldier of Christ on Christmas Day of 2014, and it is his fervent hope that all he encounters consider turning to God. Dean has always had a passion to help the homeless. He and his wife, Melissa, now reside in Panther, WV. They help Pastor John Hunt of Panther Missionary Baptist Church and have started vocational training, a Celebrate Recovery Program, and a Youth and Children's Center with the Panther Christian Outreach Center. These concentrate on teaching the youth of that area that there are many other paths they may take, ones that do not involve drugs, teen pregnancy, and a dependency on welfare. Most importantly, he wants to bring those who have never known Christ into a loving relationship with their Savior.

Dean Penland

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Don Taylor has had a passion to live all over the world, and a career with the US Army helped him accomplish his dream. His wife, Teresa, has a passion for teaching, and she has taught at US military children's schools (DoDDS) everywhere they have lived, melding her love for teaching beautifully. Don is retired, but Teresa still serves in US DoD schools, in Italy at present. They live both there and in their retirement home in Florida. They have lived and worked in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Turkey, Iraq, Panama, Brazil, El Salvador, Hungary, Romania, and Italy. They dream of a visit to fascinating Asia.

Don has been a believer since our Father touch his heart in the 4th grade, while living in Newfoundland where his parents were stationed with the US Navy. His faith has seen ups and downs, ins and outs, but always our Father, His Son, and the Spirit have been there to bail him out, welcome him back, and challenge him.

Amazingly, He has called Don to work with the good folk leading Zion Ministry.

Don Taylor

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Though saved at the age of 11, Khari quickly wandered far from the faith, delving into astrology, numerology, feng shui, and all forms of relativism. At the age of 26, she rededicated her life to Christ, and her relationship with the Lord has been growing ever since. Now, she lives with her husband, Zack, in the mountains of Western North Carolina where they were both born and raised. Khari enjoys watching anime, playing video games, and riding her bike. Her greatest passions are Christian apologetics, international travel, and all things Zion Ministry.

Khari McElrath

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Somewhere in his early thirties, Roy decided he should do something to justify the money his parents and the scholarship committee spent on his English degree. Writing a short story seemed appropriate, so he wrote "Ozymandias." It won an award, so he wrote another one. That one didn't win anything, but it was published, and he wrote more of them. One morning he woke up and realized he'd finally figured out what he wants to do when he grows up. He's been writing ever since.

Roy grew up n the South Carolina swamps and graduated from The Citadel, located in Charleston, SC. He and his wife, Rachel, currently live in the Dallas, TX area. Rachel hopes that, in addition to keeping him out of her hair, Roy's writing habit will one day earn enough money for them to retire to the Carolina coast.

Roy Jeffords

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