Last updated: Jan 2020






We aimed high again last year--100 kids and 300 widows across seven villages!

Every year, the cost to provide one new outfit and a special Christmas meal for each child is $30. The $30 cost is separate from the regular money that supports the sponsored children each month, and over 60 of them are without sponsors altogether. That means, raising support at Christmas time is the only way that most of these children will have some new clothes and shoes at all throughout the year. 

The cost to provide one new outfit for each widow is $10.The need for new outfits for the widowed women is just as dire as for the children of Zion. Widows are ostracized in that society and, sadly, oftentimes by their own family. Their mere presence is regarded as bad luck. Many are forced into practical slavery or prostitution. A fresh new set of clothes, even if it is only $10, just doesn't happen for most of these women.

Doing the math, that's $6000 USD total we sought to provide for each of the kids and the ladies.

We raised $1260 for the widows and $3000 for the kiddos!

A tremendous THANK YOU to all who donated, prayed, and shared last holiday season. We were able to team up with pastors in the area and distribute clothes to hundreds of children and widows in need. And many of them were able to enjoy a hearty Christmas meal and message.